Who can be the queen? Any ambitious human who cares greatly about the universe and is willing to lead the revolution to make the world a better place. 
We want to be the queens of the world to use our voices, talents, and power to smash the patriarchy and make the world a better place....

Do you want to 

of the World? 

Be the Queen is a movement enabling and supporting future queens of the world. We believe there’s room for many at the top, where we work together. This movement can include you if you’re:


  • Ambitious - even if you don’t feel it right this moment, if you have felt it before then it counts.

  • Genuinely concerned about some part of the universe - people, the environment, animals, air quality, trees, dogs, tiny humans, microorganisms, climate change, world peace, and so on.

  • Convinced the world can - and should - be a better place.

  • Willing to invest your life, time and energy into improving the world.

  • Prepared to lead the revolution your way, be it quiet, loud or any volume in between.

  • Awesome and happy, or working on it.


If you’re screaming, “heck yes, that’s me!”, welcome! Your journey has brought you to this turning point. There’s always the option of accepting the status quo and leaving this website right now. Or you can join us, put on your crown and start taking over the world.

Want to learn more about becoming the queen of the world?

 Will you be the queen too? 

Rachael created the Be the Queen movement from the

adversity and frustration she experienced in her daily life

and career. The colleagues who told her she would never

be successful without abiding by established norms. The

knowledge that, as a woman, she would unlikely see the

same levels of leadership or earnings as her male peers.

The social structures that made her feel never good enough

and unsafe when letting her true self shine.

Rachael began to dream about and unpack how things would be if she ran the world.

From these daydreams, Be the Queen was born. A movement to dissolve the patriarchy and establish new norms within leadership and business. A community of support from like-minded, badass women. A set of tools to make the challenging journey a little bit more straightforward.


Read more of our story here.

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