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Be the Queen was inspired by everyone who said we couldn’t do it. Those who said we cared too much and forced us to fit within their mold. Who encouraged to hide our true selves, who abused us for being our true selves, and those who tried to dull our sparkle.


Add in the daunting reality that women and other minorities are a few hundred years behind our male colleagues in leadership opportunities and often make 30-50% smaller salaries, varying by the intersection with racial discrimination. Be the Queen exists because everytime we walk down a street we face a greater chance of being raped or murdered because of our gender, race or sexual orientations. We need Be the Queen because the weight of continuing to fight the feminist resistance every day, even when it seems hopeless, often seems to heavy to carry alone.   


Through all of the negativity and adversity, we found our motivation.


We realized that we were done existing within the status quo. We were tired of dressing a certain way to fit in. We were miserable biting our tongues and ignoring our intuitions in hopes of moving forward in our industries.


So, we took our paths into our own hands and began to dream. What would the world look like if we were in charge? How would society be different outside of the patriarchy? What if everyone had space at the table? Could we actually create this new reality? Could success and glitter coexist?


We realized that not only was this dream world possible, but we could also make it happen.


We had the potential to alter the system. We had the potential to topple power structures and oppressive policies. We had what it takes to be successful and happy. Not only did we have what it took, but we deserved the opportunity to make shit happen for ourselves.


The time came for us to own our power and become the queen of the world.


Now, it’s your turn to join the movement. There’s room for everyone and their queendom at the top. Find your inspiration, put on your crown and get ready to put in the work for your new role.


Being the queen of the world isn’t easy, but we’re here to help you along the path. Our courses and community will help quiet the naysayers and narratives working to keep you down and dull your shine. We’re here beside you on this journey.

Are you ready to join us in becoming the queen of the world?  


Rachael's Inspiration

Pies para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar.


Feet, for what do I need them if I have wings to fly. 


-Frida Kahlo-

Rachael Ann

Chief Queen, Founder of 'Be the Queen', CEO of EarthEmpower

Author of How to be the queen of the world: a practical guide (release October 2018)

Rachael decided it was time to become queen after years of being held back in her traditional career path as a scientist, being told she was too passionate and ambitious. She finally lost it when her boss told her she should be less efficient, as her efficiency was a threat to him, as it made him look bad when she was so productive and successful.  Rachael is a proud neurodivergent person but found that to thrive with a mental illness, to rise to her true potential, to be a leader, and to be the change she wanted to be in the world, she couldn’t be held back by rigid, status quo institutions who discriminate against and mentally ill people.


Rachael knew it had to be possible to make big changes in the world, while also being a healthy, happy person.  


She stepped away from working for others and began to incite social and environmental change her way from the ground up. Now, as founder and CEO of EarthEmpower, a social enterprise empowering women in rural communities to lead change together with farmers and food, Rachael works with a supportive, powerful team of humans in Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States.  


Rachael is living her big dreams as queen of her world.

Her measures of success are no longer tied to the patriarchal opinions of bosses or colleagues. She travels the world, calling home wherever she can unpack her small suitcase and stay awhile. Currently, Rachael is based in her favorite place, Mexico, running EarthEmpower and Be the Queen, and prioritizing the business ethics and self-care that enable her, her teammates, and the communities she works with to thrive.

50% of Be The Queen sales profits go directly to donations for women's empowerment activities in Guatemala and Mexico. Your Queen journey supports other Queens and makes sure all of our queendoms are more inclusive and all of us are more powerful together. 


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