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can dreams and adulthood coexist?

I am having a hard time combining the realities of adulthood and the dreams and passions and ambitions I don't want to lose.

I recently left a job that on paper looked like my 'dream job' but in reality became a emotional and physical nightmare (I am still having nightmares about the job months after leaving!). I decided to empower myself to find a place that would treat me like the human being I am, where I am encouraged to succeed not told to care less.

So now I am in search of the next 'dream job' and I cannot find it. I need to feed myself but I also want to feel value for what I do with my day. I want to be challenged and I want to feel like I am taking steps in the directions of the dreams, but also be paid, at least a little bit to do so.

Does it exist? Can I have dreams and be an adult?

I have considered the DIY career too but I feel like I am quitting on myself in 'the system'. I don't want the people who do not care and do not have dreams to win this war. I want to be in the thick of the battle for equality, for a better world.

So what is the answer to my question, can dreams and adulthood co-exist? I think society wants us to believe the answer is no. Everything around me is pressuring me to stop caring so much, to stop trying so hard. But that is in fact exactly why we have to make it possible to dream and be an adult (or at least do the minimal adult activities for survival).

IF you have suggestions on how to make this work, please share in the comments. In the meantime, please know that if you are fighting this same battle, you are not alone. I am sitting here in the world using my emotional power to keep dreaming and push back against all that tells me to stop.

Conclusion: keep dreaming, be the queen, be awesome, and push back!

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