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Where is home?

In the uncertainty of life, I have also struggled to understand where I call home. I was born in the United States but I no longer consider it home. I tell people that my suitcases and dogs are temporaily residing in Michigan but I will not say it is home. Mexico feels like home but I cannot say I am Mexican.

I used to be rooted in a community and I have had that and see the value. But it is not always possible depending on your career choices to have a consistent or understanding community.

Recently while sitting in a lounge in the Nairobi airport I realized that I feel more at home in airport VIP lounges than anywhere else in the world. No one is from there but everyone in that moment is there. The space is designed for introverts, travellers avoiding casual conversation. And a serve yourself gin and tonic bar. You don't even have to talk to the bartender. Paradise is real!!

Call it sad, for I am disconnected from a community and I do not have roots. But I am me. And I am a wanderer. And my community is spread out across the world, but they are still there.

Where are you from? Or where do you call home? Or what makes home for you? There is no right answer. You can move in with me in the VIP lounge.

I dare you to ask me.

Hi, I'm Rachael, I do not know where I am from, and at this moment in time I do not have a home, but if I got to choose, it would be the VIP airport lounge in Nairobi.

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