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Riots not diets

I recently gained a lot of weight due to medication changes, unreal stress levels, and emotional over-eating due to the trauma of losing a dream.

It happens. My weight has always fluctuated a lot and has always been on the upswing, but never quite this much. And I panicked. I read about how boxers lose crazy amounts of weight really fast. I googled really stupid stuff about the best way to lose weight fast. I became obsessed (while still eating the christmas candy) and I went quickly back to my former eating disorder tendicies. I had an eating disorder.

I knew I could not go back down that road so I made myself stop. But I knew I was really feeling terrible physically with the weight changes.

And then I saw this awesome website for 'Riots NOT Diets' sloth stickers. A sloth telling me not to diet (and clealy not to exercise since sloths really cannot move much) was so inspirational. Yes, embrace my body, love my body, ignore the media, etc... (Shout out to the awesome etsy page RiotCakes - https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/203599897/feminist-sloth-sticker-set?ref=market)

And it was liberating for a moment or two until I realized that I was not healthy and weight gain accompanied with lack of exercise to the extent I had implied serious long term and short term health concerns.

So I decided I would try to embrace Riots Not Diets and Sloths to the best of my ability while still being healthy (so I can stick out the fight for equality and justice even longer). So how am I doing it?!

First, I had a session with a nutritionist to help me understand how to eat what I like but do so in a way that I won't gain wait and should lose some too. She was great and helped a lot for me to frame some things I already knew into a positive eating plan and gain some positive eating habits! Also, she helped plan for a hectic travel life, which is what I need! There are a lot of online nutrition or life coach options so do not let your crazy queen lifestyle stop you!

And second, exercise. They say you should do it for heart and health and I know I feel better when I do so. But I am not a gym person. I hate gyms because I just feel bad about my body and I don't want to feel bad about my body. booooooooo. Also, I am on planes and trains around the world most of my time.

So I decided to go for efficiency and so far it is helping. So grab your smart phone and lets do this ladies. 7 minute workout....who doesn't have 7 minutes in a day (and you can do more if you are particularly motivated). I also use Runtastic ab app. And there is always the walk 8000+ steps.

Pick what works for you so you can feel good and love your body and yourself. And remember, Riots not diets (and sparkle on).

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