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I recently joined the twitter world. I realize I am about 10 years behind on it, but here I am. So forgive me for getting for this crash course on getting caught up on this stuff. Honestly I am kind of bad at it and instead of catching on to the popular hashtags I prefer to make up my own that I am likely to be the only one using. For example I like tweeting about being the #futurequeenoftheworld, and let me tell you, it isn’t coming up as a ‘trending’ hashtag (not yet – just wait til I publish a bestselling book….urrmmmmm….fingers crossed).

My dad and I have recently been competing on the twitter front. We are a competitive family and when you get the clan together we spend most of our time turning happy family activities into competitive events. My dad is 50 something and has 104 twitter followers, combining about 20 family members and 80 job-related followers. He is a twitter snob. He only accepts family members out of guilt. The rest he sees as serious business contacts and uses the twitter to connect with his inner circle.

I respect that he has a lot of clarity on what he wants in his twitter world.

So I had a twitter existential crisis.

Who am I on twitter?

Who will I be?

What will I do?

It is pretty much the same existential crisis I have about my daily life and professional life, just in microcosm twitter form. Nothing new, but at least gave me boundaries with in to focus my crisis whereas my general life crises are without limits and therefore far more complicated.

So I began to think about who I want to be and what I want to do and what message I want to share with the world. I looked around at other tweeters. I read articles on the most feminist tweeters. I followed professional organizations. I looked at famous role model twitter accounts.

I would really like to combine Amy Schumer’s humor, Mindy Kaling’s wit, Melinda Gates activism and intelligence and action, with Michelle Obama’s brilliance and poise. And still be me.

Can twitter be a professional and personal endeavor? Can I be an outgoing extrovert that I am not in real life? Can I make a joke in one tweet and then tweet about world hunger in my next go round?

I have so many questions and not enough answers. So like most aspects of life I make this shit up as I go. So here is my twitter manifesto. And challenge. Into 140 characters 2-5 times a day I shall express the crazy mixture of ongoings in my brain that span from feminist rants, confusing gastrointestinal adventures associated with living in developing countries, professional opinions about agriculture, and food, and development, and politics, and women, and some of the ridiculous shit that happens when you let yourself be a part of this wide and crazy world. It is a space where I learn and explore who I am and what I want to do. It helps me connect to the real world. It pushes me forward in my exploration in writing my first book.

So what twitter may be something else to you or me. And for many people it means absolutely nothing. But I am thankful. Beyond thankful. That this little space in the universe has allowed me to re-define and manage the continual and ongoing existential crisis that exists in my mind every minute of all of the days.

So if you want to dive into that craziness with me, you know where to find me.



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