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HTBTQOTW preview

You know I've been talking for ages about writing that book? I did it. I really wrote the book. I am trying to figure out how to publish it but in the meantime I thought I would give you a preview. Go out there and be the queen of the world! All of youuuuuu!!!!!!


I am angry. The challenges I face that make me angry are just a grain of sand compared to the really big terrible shit going on in this world that we live in.

I am angry that I belong to a society that has so many problems and that when we stand up and speak up and try to change those problems, we are abused, killed, and torn to little pieces in the process. I have been torn. I have been broken. I have been kicked. I have been chewed and spit out and here I am standing, wobbling.

Here I am, shouting. I am really fucking angry.

Here I am, shouting. I don’t want you to look at me and touch me unless it is consensual.

Here I am, shouting. I want to be paid the same wage for the same job and I want my siblings from all different backgrounds, sexual identities, and skin colors to be paid the same too.

Here I am, shouting. Demanding that I have access to mental health care and reproductive rights.

Here I am, shouting. I don’t want governments and corporations to take land from indigenous people, drill holes and ditches and pipelines into the earth and contaminate the water.

Here I am, shouting. Insisting that all humans have equal rights, access to clean water, healthcare, the right to be married to the person they want, the right to their very own body.

Here I am, shouting. Exhausted. Crying. Internalizing guilt. Trying to be better. Hating my body. Going to the gym. Eating a bag of gummy bears. Staying up all night. Avoiding manic episodes. Praying I will have another manic episode just to feel alive again. Repenting. Waking up. Drinking coffee. Putting on my red high heels to get back out into the world to fight.

Get out of bed.

Drink coffee.

Put on your crown.

Go into the world.

Smash the patriarchy.


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