Power Tools for Queens

“If I were queen of the world, everything would be powered by peace, love, and happiness.”


“If I were queen of the world, I would get so much done and still have time for______”


“If I were queen of the world, equality would matter before anything else.”

Does this sound like your inner monologue? Have you often daydreamed about a world where you are a thriving leader and we don’t live  with the current, restrictive status quo?


If you want the world to be a better place, it’s time to step up and become queen.


The queen of the world is someone who is ready to get shit done. Someone who is prepared to take charge, but refuses to perpetuate dominant oppressive structures and leadership techniques. A queen knows she is a great leader and when given the chance, SHE WILL SHINE!


Be the Queen is here with the tools to make your takeover successful.


The best part about being the queen of the world is that you don’t have to do it alone. Be the Queen provides community and training to empower you to thrive as queen. Through courses and one-on-one coaching services, Chief Queen Rachael awill prepare you to rule with efficiency, power, badassery and a whole lot of sparkle.


All courses will be taught online and are created from evidence-based research combined with dynamic processes to ensure every queen’s path is unique and relevant to their life and passions. Each course includes a combination of videos, worksheets and written word.

Tools for transforming Passion into Power

Start your queen journey today, for just $19.99!

Have you ever taken the time to picture your dream world? Research has proven that defining your ideal future increases the likelihood of your success. The same is true with becoming queen. If you can’t imagine your perfect reign, then you’ll never experience it!


This introductory, online course provides a taste of the mindset work, visioning techniques, and attitude alterations that best direct your path to establishing your queendom. Get started on your journey to becoming the queen of the world and begin developing your castle today.

Available January 30th!

Channel your inner queen

integrate your career, passion, truest self, and queen leadership, for just $29.99!

Get ready queens, your inner queen is more powerful than you can imagine! It’s time to turn your daydreams into reality as you combine your passions, career and truest self into one badass, unstoppable queen of the world. Take steps to move your visualizations into concrete daily actions for change.


With this course, you will identify your perfect queendom, build your ministry of defense to protect yourself and your world, and convert past struggles into power.

Be The Queen Power Routine

power your pathway to queenship starting at just $59.99!!

Together we will build your Queen Power Routine using the science behind optimizing our best times of day to work, sleep, organize, and thrive and identifying your superhuman queen skills. You will establish a monthly, weekly, and daily routine, that will help you find new energy, power, and efficiency to tackle all those crazy activities and queen tasks that you never seem to be able to get done.


In this course, you will receive all the tools and training needed to carry forward to power routine and set yourself up for a successful world takeover!

Available January 30th!


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