Why Be The Queen

Traditional leadership and career paths leave little room for anything outside of the established norm. There’s a specific vocabulary and a right way to look and dress. If you don’t fit that perfect mold, the opportunity to even exist requires an uphill struggle. Let alone the ability to affect real change!


We tried for years to fit into the boxes around us. Then we realized, we didn’t want to anymore. We weren’t happy. We weren’t healthy. Our efforts to play the game weren’t empowering us and, frankly, weren’t worth it.


We decided to take a risk and do things our way.  


Our way included creating a space for all bodies, nationalities, and gender identities at the table. It involved hearing the voices that whispered, in addition to those that screamed. Our way left room for creativity, collaboration and a whole lot of sparkle.

We decided to take over as queens of the world.


No, not literal queens. We took on a metaphorical queenship that exists in perspective and action. The queens of the world are mindful in their processes and are intentional and inclusive in the queendoms they create.


A queen of the world is someone whose life and leadership revolves around:


  • Her/their passions

  • Her/their happiness and that of others

  • Her/their truest self and greatest talents

  • Her/their offerings to the world

  • Her/their self-awareness and impact, both positive and negative, on others


The queen of the world knows she can’t truly be successful if her power comes from keeping others down and she fights to ensure other queens have a chance to shine and sparkle too. A queen prioritizes  their wellbeing and mental state because she understands that she can’t lead unless she is healthy and her best self.


Anyone who feels called to do this work can become the queen of the world.


Becoming the queen of the world does not involve membership in any exclusive clubs or an expensive application process to join the revolution. In fact, any ambitious, driven woman or non-binary human can be the queen of the world.


The queen of the world is someone who is ready to get shit done and make the world a better place. Someone who is prepared to make charge, but is seeking alternative perspectives and pathways to leadership. Be the Queen is here with the tools for anyone who is ready to do the work to become the queen of the world.


Queen of the world is not an easy role.


In addition to the time necessary to make a queendom thrive, the queen of the world has to work through a lot of personal and systemic challenges. No queen finds a perfectly clear path towards world domination and changemaking. Power structures and the patriarchy weren’t created to be easily toppled!


There are many people, social constructs and established institutions standing in the way of the future queen of the world. One of the biggest setbacks is often the internal narrative the future queen tells herself. It’s hard to accept being powerful and awesome when society does everything possible to convince you otherwise.


Be the Queen is here with support and the requisite tools to rewrite outdated personal narratives, and build your queendom with confidence.


We create a safe space and community to support women and non-binary people on their quest to change the world. We work together to figure out how to be awesome (almost) every single day in life and leadership positions. We recognize the importance of taking breaks to be certain we can keep going and growing our queendoms.  

Be the Queen offers online courses and one-on-one coaching to support future queens with everything they need to sort out how to shine brightly while determining what the hell to do with their lives and dissolving current power structures.


Are you ready to build your queendom and start changing the world your way?


Click here to get started with one of our courses to develop your queendom and begin taking over as the queen of the world.


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